Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How to Paint a File Cabinet

I read a whole bunch of pins on Pinterest before doing this, but I'm not linking any of them here.  Partially because they all said the same thing and partially because if you follow me on Pinterest, you can see all the pins I pinned and read them yourself as you come across them.

That being said, allow me to add one more tutorial on how to do this.

First and most importantly- this was SUPER EASY.  Like- way easy.

*spray paint (I pictured the kind I picked)
*one of those continuous hand things that keep the spray much easier
*electric sander and sanding block (I'm sure you could do it all by hand if you needed)
*hot glue and glue gun
*dollar store frames
*file cabinet

Here is the super duper easy explanation.  I cleaned the entire thing.  I sanded the entire thing.  I recleaned the entire thing.  I hot glued the frames on.  I spray painted the cabinet (I went through almost 6 cans... I wanted it to be a solid coat.)  I was done.  :D  Simple enough, huh?

I really love the matte finish.  It looks more like furniture to me.

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