Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Clean Sloppy Joe Skillet Cassarole

Holy goodness, Batman.  Totally thought this dish looked gross start to finish.  I mean... who likes sloppy joes in the first place, much less when clean and in a cassarole?!  Proof I was a doubter... I didn't even bother to take pictures because I was sure I'd hate it.

I. Was. WRONG.

This was delicious and it was very filling with just one slice (out of the eight he cut it into).  He ate two, of course, but I thought one was plenty.  (I was also surprised by that.)

I highly recommend you try this and keep an open mind whil you cook.

The only thing we did differently from the directions is he broiled it for a minute or two before serving (to get the cheese bubbly).

Thank you, Elana's Pantry, for a delicious dinner! (and lunch tomorrow... and probably dinner tomorrow night....)

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