Sunday, May 3, 2015

Good news, bad news.

Good news first:  I just found out I'm getting to move up to 4th grade!  After 10 years in third grade, I'm SUPER excited to have the opportunity to try something new.  Bonus- my best friend teaches 4th, so I'll get to work with her!
Other good news- I've been writing for Kidding Around Greenville and I LOVE it!  I love writing so this is perfect for me!

Bad news:  I've gained back 7 of the 14 pounds I'd lost.  This is not a "Why?! Why me?!" statement.  I know why.  I've gotten off our plan for eating cleaner.  We tried Shakeology for a week, which had very strict daily intake rules.  Those are NOT for us.  We are not dieters.  We need room for the occasional soda or cookie.... or five.  So, we've determined to make May our month to get back on track.  Hubby, of course, has lost around 30 pounds and hasn't really regained much of it.  *stupid men getting it easy*  We're looking to expand towards baby 2 soon and I want to be solidly in our healthier lifestyle before getting pregnant again.  Plus- I'd love to stop cooking separate food for baby J.  lol  (aka- I'm lazy and/or tired.)

So- yay and boo and yay for getting back on track.

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