Thursday, May 26, 2016

Product Reviews- Starting with Norwex!

I'm planning to do a series of reviews on different companies and products, starting with one of my very favorites-----NORWEX!!

Let me just tell ya- I love Norwex!  Am I a neat freak?  Nope.  Do I freak out about germs?  Not really.  Do I hug trees?  Not unless I've just tripped and am catching myself!  I love these products because they're easier and safer and, turns out, end up being cleaner.

Disclaimer- I have a ton of Norwex because I host a ton of parties.  My consultant doesn't even know I'm writing this, so I'm not doing it for kickbacks. :)

I can't say I'm going to write about just my favorite products because I can't pick favorites.  I'm going to first list what I don't like.

1. The lint mitt
While the mitt might work for some materials, I didn't find it to be helpful on the different shirts/pants I used it on.  Since this isn't something where chemicals or the lack thereof aren't an issue, I wasn't sad putting this product aside for my sticky lint roller.

Ok that's it.  That's the only product of theirs that I didn't like.

Here are the products that I could take or leave:

1. The Silicone Lids

They have lids for bakeware and cups.  I have both.  Do they work? Yes.  Are they better than a lid that comes with your stuff?  Not necessarily.  I like them, but they're not going to be what I recommend anyone spend their money on.

2. The Grocery Bag
I've honestly only used this once because I just tried Aldi for the first time. (Wasn't impressed with Aldi, but I think it was because of which location I tried.)  We usually shop Publix and we usually have more fruit and stuff than this would hold.  I'm sure it's great for a lot of people, but for me- it's take or leave.

Now on to the good stuff!  Here are the products I loooooove.

1. The Envirocloth
 These cloths are the bomb diggity, y'all.  They don't just kill bacteria, like your Clorox wipes...they remove the bacteria from your surfaces!  They have silver woven into the cloth, so they're also self-sanitizing!  They remove the bacteria and then clean themselves.  Seriously.  How cool is that?!

Did you know that you're supposed to wear gloves when using Clorox or Lysol wipes or the like? It takes 26 seconds for chemicals to enter your bloodstream through your skin.  Did you ever read the instructions?  I hadn't either.  You're supposed to wear gloves AND keep the surface wet for it to actually kill as much as it says it does!  Know how long the surface stays wet after you've wiped it down?  I've seen it timed a few times and it never stayed wet longer than 3 minutes.  One can of wipes said to leave it wet for 10 minutes.  So- I'd have to continuously wipe the surface to keep it wet in order for it to "work" like it says to kill the bacteria.  Is Norwex like that?  NOPE!  Are nasty chemicals getting into my gloveless hands?  No because you just use water!!  Am I freaking out if my two year old son touches one and then puts his fingers in his mouth? Super no!  I even hand him a cloth to use to "help" clean as one of his chores!

So if you're still not convinced, watch the famous chicken demo.  It's seriously convincing.

Watch this video to learn about these miracle cloths and a few of their other products.  

1. The Kitchen Cloth

This cloth is ribbed so it's a bit scrubbier than the Envirocloth, so it's better for the kitchen messes that get baked or dried onto surfaces.  Does that mean it can only be used in the kitchen? Nope.  It's just where it's purposed for, but not where it has to stay.

1.  The Kitchen Towel

This piece is why I have hosted 6 parties in a year.  My husband made me.  Seriously.  Well- he asked me to host more and I was happy to do so!  He likes hand towels in the kitchen and bathrooms.  When I took biology in college, we tested sponges and kitchen towels and I freaked when I saw what all was growing on them.  They literally had more bacteria than the swab from the student transportation bus handles.  You're wiping your clean hands on towels that are dirtier than a college bus handle.  G.R.O.S.S.  Soooo- I didn't allow hand towels or sponges in our kitchen or bathrooms.  UNTIL NOW.  These have the Bacloc (the silver I'd mentioned before) so they keep the bacteria trapped and self sanitize.  Amazeballs.

1. The Laundry Detergent and Dryer Balls
I never knew I hated all the other laundry detergents I'd ever used.  But now I hate them all.  I got the detergent because I had extra hostess credit once.  I thought- ok I'll try it.  Then, I went back to Tide.  UM- let me just tell you about how heavy and gross my "clean" clothes felt!  I was shocked.  Seriously.  The detergent lasts (before you say that's your reason for not buying it) because you don't have to use a ton to actually get clean clothes.  The dryer balls help reduce dry time and keep you from putting seriously dangerous carcinogens all over your clothing... also known as dryer sheets.  (They're toxic and you're putting them on the clothes that are up against your skin and that of your children.  Remember the 26 second thing?)  I haven't used the stain stuff because I haven't had to!  I have a toddler and a newborn and the detergent has been enough as is.  Fo' reals.

My consultant always says "clean has no smell" so if you need that scent with your laundry, put a couple of drops on the dryer balls.  That's what my hubby does because he's a scent person. :)

1. The Body Cloths

Yes.  The shaving thing is true.  I knew the makeup bit (even your mascara!) and I knew it was soft but I never believed the shaving bit.  I used my cloths for a year and never tried the shaving part until a couple of weeks ago.  I was in a rush, as all moms are, and we were going to the lake.  I needed the standard to the knee shave (don't judge- you've done it too) and I thought- well here goes nothing and I'll just endure the rash later.
No rash.
Not even a little.
I even tried the bikini line and still no rash or burn!  Life. Changed.

Now my consultant doesn't use soap at all anymore (which is totally out of character for this chick- I've known her since 7th grade... she's not granola), but I haven't gotten to the point of doing that for myself yet. :)  I DID use the baby cloths exclusively for my newborn son during the time when he couldn't get his bellybutton wet.  They're the same things, but just smaller and softer.  They kept all his little rolls and creases nice and squeaky clean!  No yucky yeast bacteria growing for us!

1.  The Window Cloth
I keep one for my windows (for when I actually bother to clean them) and I keep one on my nightstand.  That one is for my computer screen and my glasses.  It's the best cloth I've ever found for keeping my glasses perfectly clear.  Anyone with glasses knows how important that is!

1.  The Relaxation Gel
OMG.  This was the product I thought was going to be the crappiest.  It looks like roll on deodorant from the dollar bins.  I judged the book by the cover.
I.  Was.  Wrong.
This stuff feels amazzzzzing and I had to buy a second one since someone kept stealing it and using it for himself.  Ahem.  Someone.
It's like an all natural IcyHot type gel.  I use it for my neck, shoulders, back, temples... anywhere I feel tense!  It's fabulous!

Did you notice they're all listed as 1??  Told you I couldn't pick a favorite.

I've covered a lot of things, but not even all that I own.  I love my Envirowand, my dusting mitt, my mattress cleaner... I love just about everything I own.  I just wanted to feature the things that I can no longer live without!

My consultant is the best, so if you're interested in finding out more, get in touch with Kristin! 
She's fantastic and super patient while you decide what all you want and how often you need to host so you can get it all for free or discount!

Hopefully this gives you a push towards using these fantabulous products!  I'd love to hear what you think of them!!!

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