Thursday, October 24, 2013

At the Starting Line

     I suppose I should explain a little about myself and why I'm attempting a blog.

     I'm thirty, happily married, and a brand new mom.  My hubby and I have been married just over a year, but we've been best friends since we were twelve.  My son just turned two months old and I'm about to go back to work.  I teach third grade and love working with kids.  I also sell Premier Designs jewelry, which makes me way more money than teaching does.... plus it's a blast to give away bling!  I'm a huge fan of reading (Outlander is the best series ever.  EVER.) and shopping (duh).  I bleed orange and blue-- GO GATORS!  Aaaannnd.... hmm... I love the beach.  (Enough random info about me?)

The hubs and I on Christmas--the day we told our families we were preggers!  (about 6 weeks along)
     I was already overweight when I got pregnant.  Then, I gained FORTY pounds during my pregnancy.  Only about eight of it was my boy. 
Delivery Day--- I.  Was.  Huge.
    So- in the last two months, I've worked to get the weight off.  As of today, I'm two pounds UNDER my pre-prego weight!!!  I have about forty to go, though, to be where I want to be.  Instead of having a goal weight, I want to get back down to being a size 10/12.  That's when I was at my healthiest and I think healthy is more important than skinny.  
Look at how much thinner he is in this pic from the beginning of September!  Christmas to September- he did soooo great!
     My husband and I agreed that we want to raise our son to be healthier than we were as kids, so he stopped smoking and cut waaaaay down on his soda intake.  He lost forty-five pounds in less than six months.  Yep.  No working out.  Just cut down on his sodas.  Ladies- this is the ultimate so-not-fair-gender issue.  How do they lose weight so easily and quickly?!  UGH.  
We have started taking walks around our neighborhood a few nights a week.  I also have done some yoga, including a mom and baby yoga video.  I'm selling them for.... just kidding.... I googled.  I really don't have any excuse as to why I don't usually work out.  There's lots of places to go walking and lots of workout videos online for free.  I'm just lazy.  I.  HATE. working. out. Seriously.  
Me about a week ago-- four lbs over my pre-baby weight!

     My plan for the blog is to give me an outlet of accountability, get ideas from readers, and share various parts of my life.  I have some recipes that are pretty yummy and reasonably healthy (not a fan of rabbit food either) that I'll share.  I'll also share some of the baby products I think no one should go without and what I honestly could have skipped.  I also want to share and get ideas from y'all about teaching... I love learning and sharing!!  Maybe I'll even share some of the "romantical" bits of life, too.  Yep- I made up the word.  It happens a lot.  
So- there ya' have it.  I hope to hear from some of y'all.  :)  Have a happy day!

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