Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Photo Crazy

Anyone who is friends with me on FB knows that I'm a little bit of a picture-aholic....

Ok a lot.  Like it's a problem. 

Everyone makes fun of me and it drives my husband crazy, but I LOOOOOOVE taking pictures!  I think that it's one of the most inexpensive ways to create, save, and share memories!  Thanks to FB- you don't even have to pay to have them printed to share them! (Remember when I said I'm cheap?)

I'm on a FB page for moms who had babies in the same month and a mom shared a picture of her baby on a bed of candy corn.  I nearly flipped out.  Candy corn is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!  (If I get a bag of the pumpkins... just count on them being gone in about 30 seconds and I probably won't share.)  So- I stole her idea!  I sent my mom a preview and she said she was surprised that my son didn't realize he was in danger of my eating a hand of his by accident while trying to get to the candy corn.  Nice.  

Here are my pictures from our fall leafy time, pumpkin carving time, Daddy's birthday time, and candy corn time!  

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