Friday, October 25, 2013

Shutterbug with Shutterfly

Lemme tell ya... Shutterfly is friggin awesome!

I ordered a book full of J's first month and a half.  I couldn't have been happier with the product.  (I'd gotten a pregnancy journal one and loved it, too.)

Living Social, Groupon, and Similac Strong Moms give AWESOME discounts or free products with Shutterfly.  My pregnancy journal, with all the extra pages I added, was only $19 after shipping.  The first baby book, with almost a hundred pages, was about $50 after discounts.  Ah-mazing.  

The pics I have in the text are all of the screen shots when you use the preview feature.  (That's super helpful for checking your alignments.)  The pics at the bottom are of my actual book.  

I didn't realize it, but there's more than just what's suggested for use---They have tons of "stickers" to enhance the pages (verses for dedication, specialty frames, images and sayings) and great backgrounds.  I'm a super scrapbooker from way back, but I so don't have the time like I used to, so I was very happy to see that I could customize an album so that it was exactly what I'd want.  You can choose for Shutterfly to fill in your pics for you or can do all your own customization.  That's what I did and it was easier and faster than I'd expected!
I added and arranged the cars, the text, and the little dashed line swirly thing
behind the car in about one minute.
Some of the pages were one giant photo, some were layouts they provided, and some were totally custom arrangements that I messed with.  Even the spine of the book is able to be unique to your book!
Layout option with no text or graphics (showing off J's many faces).
I loooove the "call of doody" badge!! We play xbox together, so it fit us perfectly!

In the end, I got a totally amazing book that I'd have paid double for.  Shutterfly secured my business for the rest of J's life.... or until they come up with baby books that are holograms. 

Summary- go Shutterfly.  You'll love it and you'll get a great product every single time.

Enjoy some of my pages from J's first book!

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