Sunday, November 30, 2014

Yummy and Healthy

Anyone who knows me knows I like food.  A LOT.

When I eat healthy, I need it to taste good. I can't eat rabbit food.  I just can't.  I don't believe that dieting is a short-term deal and I don't believe you should have to cut out anything to lead a healthy lifestyle.  

The times I've lost the most weight have been when I just cut down my portions.  The times I've gained the most have been when I've just eaten everything in sight. 

So- that being said, here's a soup that I love love love and that is pretty good for ya'.  It's also very filling and lasts for-ev-er.

Take 2 cans of:
kidney beans, black beans, Rotel (cilantro lime) 

2-4 chicken breasts (frozen or thawed)

a can or two of chicken broth or stock (up to you as far as flavor)

Dump all that in the crock pot.  Cover with the stock and add water if necessary.  Throw in chili powder (however much your family can take)!  Cook it on low while you're at work all day or overnight.  (Turn up the heat if you need it faster.) :D

30 minutes before you are wanting to eat, take out the chicken and shred or dice it.  Then add a bag of frozen corn.

Serve with cheese and sour cream, but remember to control the portion. ;)

Grocery List:
Chicken Breasts (2-4)
2 Cans Kidney Beans
2 Cans Black Beans
2 Cans Rotel (cilantro lime)
1 Bag Frozen Corn
Chili Powder

Leave feedback when you try it!!  Hope you love how easy and yummy it is!!
This is the style we love because it has GREAT flavor.

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