Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Presents, Presents, and More Presents

Ok so I'm still buying presents.

I know, I know.  He's not even two.  He doesn't need a lot of stuff.  I know. But I'm still buying presents.

Here are a few more things I just ordered from Amazon.

 I found this bib by accident.  It already is embroidered!  It's super cute and I had to have it.  End of story.
 Our son loooooooves animals and looooooooves anything that is obnoxiously musical or noisy.  This should fit the bill on all accounts.  I'm sure I'll regret it about ten minutes after I give it to him, but he'll be happy.
I've looked for one of these puzzles for forever.  They're too expensive, in my opinion, for puzzles.  I almost broke down and tried making one but then I laughed and remembered who I am and the likely hood of that ever actually happening.
So- for $20 or so on Amazon- I broke down and bought one.  Baby J loves maneuvering locks and switches and the like, so this should be a big hit.
*He figured out how to let my parents' dog out in about five minutes before he was a year old...I'm hoping this doesn't mean I'll need bail money in the future because he's picked bigger locks...ha!

Maybe I'm finished... probably not.  I have a shopping problem and Christmas just feeds it.  I love giving presents though!!!

What are y'all giving this year?

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