Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Clean Eating Desserts: Eggs and Cookie Dough

Let's start with the eggs.  I adore Reece's eggs, so this recipe seemed like a dream come true for me.  My husband loved them, but I did not.  I don't like dark chocolate and the sweetness of the pb didn't make up the sweetness missing by not using milk chocolate.  I think you could use milk chocolate if you were willing to use their recipe for the pb filling.  It was a bit chewy, too, which wasn't quite right.  All in all, not too shabby, but not the right fit for me.

Next came cookie dough snack attempt number one.  I used this recipe to make what was supposed to taste like raw cookie dough, but be healthy.  It did not.  The first problem is that she says to use a small container of yogurt rather than telling an exact amount.  That's hard to measure to be sure it's exact.  My small container is likely not the same as yours unless we shopped together.  :)

My third and final attempt for a sweet treat, and second attempt at a cookie dough fix, was also a flop.  I used this recipe to make the snack, BUT didn't have the protein powder.  I subbed in extra of the rice flower.  It tasted like it has possibility if I'd had the powder, but I'm not sure it'd have had the right texture/flavor.  It was very grainy and I couldn't get it to get solid at all.  Maybe with the powder it's a thousand times better, but I still have doubts that it's worth the cost of ingredients.  (Brown rice flower is expensive, y'all!)

And thus, the search for a sweet dessert that isn't terrible for you continues.... stay tuned.....

This one is next on the list to try.

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