Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Painting and stenciling the linoleum floors... I've gone mad!

I think we have finally picked some colors for our painting plans!!

Let me back up.  We've been wanting something new for a long time.  The cheapest way to get that look is paint.  Soooo we've decided to try to paint our linoleum!!  We're starting in the guest bath (smallest and easiest to be out of commission at the moment).  The color scheme we've decided on (for today anyway... until it's bought there's no telling) is as following:
The lightest color surrounding them is the color we painted the walls about a year ago.  I really love the airy look it gives to such a small space.

I'm planning on using the darker color (Perfect Greige) for the base floor color and then the the Hazel, Popular Gray, and Blushing to do the stencil accents on the floor.  I'm currently thinking of a mum or sunburst type design (in varying sizes).

I'm most excited that we decided on a blue and burlap w/ lace look for the master bath!  That's what our wedding was and I looooove that look!  Since we just decided that, I haven't quite picked the exact colors yet.  

I'm still tossing around whether or not to repaint the laminate cabinets.  Not 100% sure yet.  

Here's all the places I'm pulling info and ideas from in case you're interested in doing your own DIY flooring/cabinetry project.  As we actually get the project going, I'll post more pictures and our experiences!

Love her lace pattern and advice for avoiding paint buildup. http://ahomefullofcolor.com/2013/11/diy-painted-stenciled-floors-part-2/

How to remove the laminate to paint your laminate cabinets. http://theraggedwren.blogspot.com/2013/11/painting-laminated-cabinets.html?m=1

Another great place for info on removing laminate to paint. http://www.cuckoo4design.com/2013/11/peeling-kitchen-cabinets.html

Stenciling ideas galore! http://www.royaldesignstudio.com/blogs/stencil-ideas/tagged/chalk-paint

The best cabinet painting blog I've seen: http://theturquoisehome.com/2014/03/the-average-diy-girls-guide-to-painting-cabinets/

On removing your laminate: http://www.kfddesigns.com/2011/05/kitchen-cabinets.html

My favorite because I LOOOOVE her design and colors that she chose to use for painting the linoleum in her kitchen!! http://sallypreston.blogspot.com/2012/06/work-with-what-you-got-painted-kitchen.html

Good step by step for painting the linoleum. http://lindsayandandrew.blogspot.com/2012/10/painting-linoleum-floor.html?m=0

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