Monday, January 26, 2015

Dear moms who know it all...

I saw on FB this weekend a very sweet person lose her cool for a half a second.  Apparently, there's a growing problem that has now reached even the best of humanity.


Now, we've probably all done it without meaning to, but I'm talking about the deliberate "you're a stupid parent if you don't raise your kids like I do" crap that seems to be destroying our friendships.

Ladies- WAKE UP!  We have enough tearing us apart!  Motherhood should form bonds between us!

I choose to feed my kid natural foods.  If you don't, guess what?  You're still a good mom.  Now if you feed your kid only Oreos, Fruit Loops, and Snickers, I might think otherwise.  But if you give your kid a Happy Meal every once in awhile...? Nah- you're just normal!  Human!  Subject to being too exhausted to cook and have the meal refused for the thousandth time!

I choose to use Pampers Swaddlers because they're super soft and Jesus did NOT equip me to clean cloth diapers.  If you use cloth diapers, guess what? I actually respect you more!  Heaven forbid I respect another woman for making a choice that's different from my own choices!

Elf on the shelf... I find this one stupid.  IT'S MY OPINION.  I think the elf is creepy and it's not one of the traditions I wish to start.  I make enough messes in my house without an elf to contribute.  But- I loooove seeing the cute ideas my friends post!  I can enjoy it while thinking I'd never do that in a million years. Hee hee!

I think we all feel so much love for our own child, and thus the choices we are making for that child, that we end up pouring all of that emotion out onto another unwitting soul who deigns to make a choice to vaccinate or not, breastfeed or not, go organic or not...  those are our CHOICES.  Sometimes, we aren't even given the choice! I know lots of women who'd LOVE to have been able to breastfeed but they couldn't!  Some women have religious beliefs that cause them to make choices I'd never make.  They're moms.  It's THEIR kid!  As long as you are raising your child to be safe, healthy, responsible, and educated, I don't think anyone has the right to judge you based on the nuances of your daily choices.

Let's all make an effort TODAY to start supporting one another rather than tearing each other apart!

As long as we aren't THESE parents... if this is you, then I take it all back.  Go to a parenting class. ;)  lol

Yeah.  These are not up for the parent of the year award.

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