Friday, January 30, 2015

Loaded Nacho Chili- also known as THE BEST CHILI EVER and I hate chili

I seriously wanted to hate this meal, but couldn't.  I don't like chili...I don't like lots of onions...I don't really like sausage...I don't like bell peppers.... but I could eat a gallon of this stuff.

By now, if you've read anything I've posted before, you know that we are working towards a cleaner lifestyle.  I'm following the advice of a fellow blogger and going for an 80/20 lifestyle... 80% will be clean/fresh/healthy and 20% will be life-happened-and-I-don't-wanna-cook.  For instance, tonight I grocery shopped and picked up subs from the deli and we had our biweekly sodas.  Life happened and I didn't wanna cook.  We've tried to limit that to twice a week and have done pretty well with that. :)

Onto the good stuff.  In my travels on the internet, I came across (as previously praised) a fantastic food blog.  Today's full recipe can be found here.

I give her 100% of the credit and am making NO NOTES here because I didn't change one flippin' thing and it was fan-friggin-tastic!!! 

No joke.

I ate a bowl and was stuffed and still wished I could eat the rest of the pot.  I did take pics all along the way to show it at various stages to help out anyone who's thinking this going right? the way I do when I'm trying something new.

Now once you try this recipe, first thank her for being awesome and then come thank me for introducing her into your now complete life! <3  

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