Friday, January 9, 2015

Healthy Quinoa Sweet Potato Soup

Through my Jamberry business, I am a part of a group of other Jammers (mostly consultants) who are wanting to get healthy.  We're keeping one another accountable and it's going really well so far!

Our leader and my Jam-mama suggested this recipe and I was like... meh.  I mean- sweet potato soup that has beans?  Can't be good.

But I tried it anyway.

I was wrong.  It was delish!  My hubby and I agree that there's a small something missing, but we can't put our finger on exactly what it is.  However- still yummy and way healthy!  Even baby J can have some!

I think we're going to try turkey next time and maybe see if we can add something for that last piece of flavor.
Basically it's just:                                                                  See? SIMPLE!

****This image is from her blog! Just sharing it since it's a great overview! :)****

It was VERY VERY easy!  Gotta love some crock pot easiness!

*Note- I just used chili powder instead of the seasoning mix that she was talking about.

*Other note- I forgot to spray the slow cooker and it turned out fine anyway!

Here's what ours looked like as we put away the leftovers.  (This giant bowl is how much was left after I had a bowl and after my husband had TWO and licked them both clean!  It makes a TON!!)

My pictures aren't as pretty as hers, but such is the life of a working mom! <3 Hope y'all enjoy!

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