Saturday, January 10, 2015

Turkey Feta Lettuce Wraps- Healthy Lunch is Served!

So let me start off by saying OMG THESE ARE THE FRIGGIN BOMB!  That's right... they're so good they call for a throwback to 1999... they're the bomb-diggity!

Here's what you need:
*1 box Romain lettuce leaves (we shop at Publix and they had them in a box, so you might have to look for a bag elsewhere)
*2 packages Feta cheese (try for Organic if you're being super healthy)
*1 package all natural deli slices of Turkey (no nitrates or preservatives... there are at least 2 brands available at Publix that are all natural, free range, grain fed, etc)
*3 Avocados  (if you're going to fix them asap, get ones that are slightly able to be smushed when you squeeze; if you're waiting a few days, get ones that are almost completely firm and set on your counter to continue to ripen... the fridge stalls ripening)
*1 box Grape Tomatoes (slice these into disks... or dice if you prefer)
*OPTIONAL: 1 package Turkey Bacon (all natural, free range, etc.)

These took about 5 minutes to prepare start to finish.  Servings depend on how many you want and the ingredients listed will get you through at least 7 (that's how many we've made so far without running out.)

Use your lettuce leaf like a hot dog bun.  That's how you'll hold it to eat, too. Then add your slices of avocado.  Think of these as your super healthy mayo.  They're a great fatty taste without the bad cholesterol.  In fact- they'll contribute to your healthy cholesterol levels! Then, add one slice of turkey, cut in half (lay the halves side by side as if you're building a sub).  Next comes the slices of tomatoes and then you'll sprinkle on the feta (and turkey bacon if you choose).

So that's lettuce, avocado, turkey, tomato, feta, and possibly turkey bacon, then the other side of the lettuce leaf.

Now it's time to crunch into that delicious bite!  We were seriously amazed at how filling and yummy these were!  Hubby even said he could probably have four and call it a complete dinner.  They were so flavorful and way healthier than the sub or hot dog that it feels like you're eating!

I'd LOVE to hear how anyone else does wraps like this or if you try these and add a yummy taste to the mix! 

**This was the picture I took on day 2 of having them when I was in a hurry getting ready for work and didn't take the time to slice the tomatoes before running out the door.  I will take the time from now on because I preferred the tomato taste to cover the "sandwich" more.**

Great.  Now I am reeeeeally going to have to go make one for a snack because the picture is reminding me of how yummy these were!!

***EDIT: Bleu cheese is NOT as good as feta.  Like- kinda ruined it for me.  But thankfully I saved my feta one for last so I didn't have to end on a bad note.***

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