Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fastest Weight Loss Plan?

If you were wondering, the stomach bug is officially the fastest way to lose weight and hate food.


It hit my son last Saturday and me from Sunday through... like... Tuesday.  I've still not eaten a "full" meal and it's been a week!

I'm very happy to say, though, that it did help me way decrease portions easily, simply because my stomach couldn't take it last week and then I didn't really want as much after a week of eating smaller.  (I've always been a big fan of portion control as a weight loss plan... I just haven't put it into practice often enough.)

So- sorry there hasn't been anything new to share in the world of our cooking.  I do have a turkey burger recipe that we tried, but it was a flop, so I'll share that flop post another day. :)

Thankfully I am almost down a full pant size already in just under a month! (Our scale is broken, so I have no idea how many lbs I've lost, but I'm going for size lost, not just poundage!)  Now if only there were a less yucky stomach bug...

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