Sunday, January 4, 2015

Workin' It!

Hi y'all!

Here's some of what I've been cooking lately!

We made a chicken caesar salad the other night. YUM-O.  John split the chicken breasts down the center to make thinner pieces and then quick-cooked them in olive oil, using minimal salt and pepper.  He cut them into bite sized pieces and added them to a bag mix (Caesar Lite in the bag section at the store) and voila!  Ten minute dinner!  We each had a piece of organic French Bread, but neither of us finished the bread.  I was way wishing I'd had more salad though!
Notice- it's not soaked in dressing!  Big deal for us! :)  Win!

Tonight, I decided to not make an excuse tomorrow morning.  Yep- I made tomorrow morning's decision tonight.  I know myself and I know I'd say I was rushed and couldn't eat breakfast and then I'd get to work and be hungry and go buy a soda.  DUMB.

So- instead, I decided to go ahead and have an omelette for dinner tonight (made one for baby J too) and then one for tomorrow morning.  That way- I could grab and go and eat well at work!
*6 eggs total
*grape tomatoes
*chopped/diced mushrooms 
*small handful of Mexican mix cheese (a slice of organic cheese for baby J)
*bacon pieces (we had some already and I sprinkled like 2 pinches worth into each of my omelettes)
*3 T butter total (don't overdo it!)

I sauteed the mushrooms and tomatoes in a smidge of olive oil and butter ( like about 4 droplets of oil and less than 1T of butter). The tomatoes provide liquid, too.  I pulled the veggies out and left the juice in for when I poured in the eggs. 
 I only added the rest of that tablespoon of butter before pouring in the egg.  I turned the heat down to 4 and then added in the eggs for omelette 1. See?  Way little on the cheese and bacon... just enough to have the taste in there without adding in too many calories.  Beautiful, right?!

Until I tried to flip it.  Fell... apart...completely... Ugh. 

 Still tasted delish, though!  Seriously.  YUMMMM.

This was try #2 - which I saved for tomorrow morning.  Not too shabby, in my opinion!  It may have ended up looking more like a burrito when I was done completely because when I tried a second flip it wrapped a little.  Still.  Not bad.
**Again, be sure that the butter is just there to prevent sticking, not to create egg soup! :)

I'm pretty happy with myself.  We bought stuff for several new and healthy recipes for the week and we're making skinny Mexican pizzas again! (See previous post for recipe.)

Yay!  New year, new us!

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